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A bit more about Winesday

It all started on an oversized couch...

There we were: five friends, a few bottles in. We were watching some ridiculous political event and occasionally yelling at the TV while talking about our next musical theatre project. Feeling exhausted from the day's events, we jokingly wondered why there wasn't a show where five women got to just sit around and drink wine. Suddenly we were imagining that show with fits of laughter. That very night the idea of Winesday was uncorked as I began to ferment our offhand comments into fine musical form.
I knew audiences might be feeling just as exhausted as we were so I wanted them to be able to share in the bottles-up experience. I wanted to bring them a social night of theatre with their own wine and laughing fits. That's when the show became paired with a wine tasting.  Winesday, The Wine Tasting Musical was ready to pour.

The show was produced  by Five Cork Productions at various venues in South Western Ontario pre-pandemic and then had an extended run in Niagara Wine Country in 2022.  Can't wait to uncork in New York with you!

- Jenne Wason, Co-Creator of Winesday

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meet the winesday makers

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"Such a fun time! Laughed until our cheeks hurt!"
"Keep it rocking it ladies. The show was great. The lyrics were fabulous, music was catchy, the wine delicious, and so many laughs. Thanks for a wonderful night."
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Recently servings...

The most recent production of the Winesday was at Hernder Estate Wines in the Niagara Wine Region in summer/fall 2022, presented by Five Cork Productions.  (DIgital Winebill available.) The show has also appeared around Ontario at the Olde Walkerville Theatre and the Chatham Capitol Theatre and in Cleveland, Ohio at Theatre in the Square.  PLUS there's a French language version called VINdredi that recently premiered at the Chatham Cultural Centre.

Want to talk about bringing Winesday the Musical + Wine Tasting to your region?

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