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book & lyrics by

Jenne Wason

music by

Joseph Benoit

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"A grape escape from this batsh*t crazy world."

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what the sip is this?

With every scene paired with a wine tasting for the audience, Winesday the Musical + Wine Tasting is musical theatre at its winest.

When these five wine-swilling women get together every Wednesday night, they’re theoretically meeting for a book club or a yoga class, but really they just want to drink wine and talk about their lives. Imagine cabaret meeting cabernet—or Sex and the City when they no longer feel like leaving the couch. Get ready to pass the bottle and make some pour decisions because with these ladies you will definitely love the wine you're with!

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"Such a fun time! Laughed until our cheeks hurt!"
"Keep it rocking it ladies. The show was great. The lyrics were fabulous, music was catchy, the wine delicious, and so many laughs. Thanks for a wonderful night."

wine samples

Enjoy some quick tastes of the show...

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Which character from the show are you most like? What wines should your drink to match your personality? Take our free quiz to find out!


Want to know more about where this wine tour has been and where we're going?

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Here's a little Winesday in the news.

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Reach out to uncork more info on the show or anything else we might have in the bottle.

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