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Jenne Wason (Bookwriter/Lyricist)

Jenne has a refined wine palate ranging all the way from a cheap dry white to an off-cheap very dry white.


She has written the book and lyrics for several musicals in collaboration with composer Alan Cancelino. Their dramatic musical The White Rose most recently had a reading at Off Broadway’s York Theatre Company . It has also been seen in concert at the New York Musical Theatre Festival, a workshop at Wright State, and a reading at the Public Theater.  

Cancelino & Wason’s comedic road trip musical Bingo City was featured in concert at the New York Musical Theatre Festival  and their show The Marrying Types played at New York’s Players Theatre. Their songs have been performed at various cabaret venues in NYC and Canada.

With composer Joseph Benoit, Jenne has written the family holiday musical Flakie: The High-Kicking Elf as well as Winesday the Musical/Wine Tasting.

Jenne graduated from New York University with a BFA in Drama/Dramatic Writing, is an alumnus of the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, and a Member of the Dramatists Guild.

Joseph Benoit (Composer)

Joseph is a Franco-Ontarian pop singer-songwriter who doesn't drink at all.  He is not sure how he got roped into writing an English musical theatre piece about wine.  


Joseph received his music degree from the University of Windsor. During his summers as a student, he wrote children's safety songs and other music for the Chatham Police Department, including the famous Elmer the Safety Elephant song. While still studying at university, he was recruited by Paulette Richer from Radio-Canada (CBC French) to compose, perform and help produce music for various local, regional and national broadcasts as a solo artist, for other francophone performers.

He is a founding member and musical director of the French-language pop band awi, which has worked throughout Ontario and into Québec, including the prestigious La nuit sur l'étang in Sudbury and Le Festival Francophone in Ottawa. He also composed and performed for the Olympic Torch Run in 2009.

Joseph is also the composer of the holiday musical Flakie: The High-Kicking Elf as well as Winesday, the Musical/Wine Tasting— both written with bookwriter/lyricist Jenne Wason.

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The Writing Team

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